Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Affiliate Silver Bullet

I don't typically promote something so blatantly as this program but the potential is intriguing.  They give you a cut and paste program each week to follow.  This is an affiliate program selling Clickbank products.  They set up the entire campaign which costs $47/mo. and it lasts for about 6 months.  Other than the monthly fee, you pay nothing.  They will host the system and you do not need a domain name.  You follow their instructions to drive free traffic to your pages.  I can also provide that information as well.  Other than driving free traffic to your site, you do nothing.  Clickbank processes everything and you don't have to carry a product.
I would imagine that the average sale would net you $25-30 each.  If you make one sale a day, that would net you between $750-900/mo.  You won't get rich but we are looking at ways to supplement retirement income, not to get rich over night.  Earning that much money on an investment of $47/mo is good enough for me. I just signed up for this program and will let you know how it works out.  I would suggest that you do the same thing.  Go to this link now.

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