Saturday, February 20, 2010

Writing as a Part Time Job

Many of the ways to supplement retirement income discussed to date have involved starting online businesses.  There are certainly more traditional ways of earning money part time.  If you have a flair for writing, there are always many people looking for writers.  Bloggers often hire people to contribute to their blogs.  Many online marketers rely on article marketing.  They submit articles to various article submission services in order to build backlinks to their websites thus increasing traffic. If you can research and then write numerous articles around a specific keyword, this might be something to look into.  Usually, you will have to produce 20-30 articles in a week or two.  These articles are typically 300-600 words.  The going rate is $10-12 per article.  I have personally written dozens of articles and it really isn't terribly difficult, an article this size generally takes 25-40 minutes each.  Other writing jobs available include writing for magazines, newsletters and sales pages.  If you are interested in writing, check out the following website.  They will discuss the type of jobs available and how to apply.

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