Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Create Videos for Online Marketers

Many internet marketers are turning to videos to promote their websites.  You can help them out and supplement retirement income by learning how to create videos and allowing them to outsource their work to you.  Here is a video that I had created for me to promote a site I own selling watches.


I was impressed but found out that I could create such a video myself including voice.  You don't need to be a computer geek nor do you need to be exceptionally creative.  I am neither. I even have begun selling my videos.  I charge $15 if they write the script and $25 if I write the script.  The script would be about 225-300 words.  Remember what I said recently about writing eBooks.  The same thing applies to writing a script.  It is actually an article and you can find thousands of articles online that all you have to do is rewrite.
You can charge even more money if you want to submit it to video sites and social marketing sites.

You can find a couple of instructional videos at these sites that will teach you how to create videos.



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